Board Members

CASA Executive Board Members

President:  Jason Seligson ([email protected])
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Classic Program Manager
Vice President:  Josh Kahler ([email protected])
  • Field Coordinator
  • U9 and above recreation Coordinator
Secretary:  Tory Lankas ([email protected])
  • Treasurer
Board Member:  Jessica Pierson
  • U8 and Below Recreation Coordinator
  • Website Manager
Board Member:  Alisa Camp (ali[email protected])
  • Academy Liaison
  • Sponsorship Coordinator

Board Member:  Vacant


Board of Directors

Registrar:  Hannah Seligson ([email protected])

    • Player Registration
    • Player Insurance
    • NCYSA representative

Academy Program Manager: Vacant

Our Mission Statement is to create a positive environment for our players and coaches so that they can develop the skills and traits required for them to succeed both within and outside the sport of soccer.